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For Property Managers: TrackPro® Organizer

TrackPro® Organizer is a complete set of Section 42 forms and procedures to help you keep your files up to date.

The Organizer, developed by our staff of tax credit compliance experts, includes all the application and certification forms needed to successfully qualify and track the status of all tax credit applicants.

In addition to application and certification forms, you'll receive other important documentation, including verification and income certification forms, re-certification renewal notices, and instructions for using the forms.

TrackPro Organizer forms are available for free download below [PDF format], or you can purchase a quick-reference binder or customizable CD-ROM.

To learn more about purchasing the TrackPro Organizer binder or CD-ROM, contact a TrackPro® tax credit compliance expert today.

Form [PDF format] File Size
401k Asset Verification-200MN 53KB
Addendum to Apt Lease-Market Rate-501 97KB
Addendum to Apt Lease-Tax Credit-500 145KB
Annual Student Certification-425MN 62KB
Anticipated Income Verification-300 40KB
Asset Information Form-400 35KB
Asset Verification-200 37KB
Auth for Release of Info Certification-401 43KB
Bank Verification-201 44KB
Change in Household Status Cert-402 46KB
Change in Income Cert-403 33KB
Child Care Verification-404 38KB
Child Support_Alimony Verif-301 40KB
Deduction Questionnaire Cert-405 42KB
Demographic Data-515IN 42KB
Disability Verif-406 46KB
Disposal of Assets Cert-202 56KB
Elderly_Frail Elderly Verif-428 51KB
Employement Verification-302 43KB
Employement Verification-302RP 54KB
File Checklist-503 37KB
Health Insurance Premium Verif-407 45KB
Home Owner_RE Cert-203 40KB
Housing Auth Income Verif-303 38KB
Income Cert Afficdavit-504 41KB
Income Info Form-408 35KB
Landlord Reference Check Verif-409 41KB
Less Than 5000 Assets Affidavit-204 60KB
Live-In Care Attendant Affidavit-410 45KB
Lump Sum Payment Affidavit-205 35KB
Marital Status Cert-411 38KB
Market Rate Applicaton-505 59KB
Market Rate Lease Renewal-412 32KB
Medical Expense Verif-413 48KB
Military Pay Verification-304 37KB
Move Out Form-414 24KB
Non Child Support Cert-305 50KB
Non Full Time Student Cert-415 37KB
Other Income Verif-306 35KB
Pension_Annuity Verif-307 36KB
Previous Employement Verif-417 37KB
Public Assistance Verif-308 35KB
Real Estate Verif-206 49KB
Recurring Gift Affidavit-309 36KB
S42 Compliance Report-421 74KB
S42 LIHC Recert Notice-Final-420 37KB
S42 LIHC Recert Notice-Initial-418 42KB
S42 LIHC Recert Notice-Second-419 39KB
Safe Deposit BoxCash on Hand Affidavit-207.pdf 34KB
Self Certification-430 32KB
Self-Employment Cert-311 43KB
Social Security Number Cert-422 32KB
Social Security Verification-312 37KB
Student Status and Fin Aid Verif-423MN 55KB
Student Verification-423 65KB
Student Verification-423RP 71KB
Tax Credit Application-506 190KB
Tax Credit Recertification-507 181KB
Telephone Clarification Report-424 30KB
Tenant Income Self Recert-502WI 166KB
Under 5000 Assets Certification-204RP 56KB
Under 5000 of Assets Affidavit-204MN 58KB
Unemployed Affidavit-317 45KB
Unemployment Compensation Verif-314 39KB
Unit Assignment Worksheet-426 81KB
Utility Consumption Release Cert-427 44KB
Verification Summary Form-508 71KB
Veterans Benefits Verif-315 36KB
Zero Income Affidavit-318A 45KB
Zero Income Questionaire-318B 40KB

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