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Spectrum National Symposium on Tax Credit Compliance

November 2001

Jill Schleis and Donna Unsinn from the TrackPro Team.
 Jill Schleis and Donna Unsinn

 Carmen and Donna
Carmen Nordness, Tax Credit Asset Manager, Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, and Donna.
Stephanie Giese, HRI Management Corp. and Jill.
 Stephanie and Jill

 Connie and Donna
Connie Tolley, Meridian Group, and Donna.
The Kathy Richards Group with the TrackPro team: Guy, Jill, Kathy, Donna, and Rita.
 Guy, Jill, Kathy, Donna, and Rita

 Donna and Donna
Donna and Donna Ho, State of Hawaii HCDC.

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